Dog-walking may be hazardous to seniors’ health

Dogs need to go on walks, and walking is good exercise for older adults. Seniors who combine the two - by walking a dog - are healthier than people who don't, according to some research. But a new study by University of Pennsylvania researchers offers a cautionary note. Strolling with a leashed dog, it says, "imparts a significant and rising injury risk in older adults." Some seniors may be underestimating the physical risks involved in walking a dog every day.It is also said that some seniors might not be as prepared to handle a pet as they should be but Some of them are really well-trained. The research shows,Injuries resulting from dog-walking account for fewer than 1 percent of fractures among older adults.The researchers say seniors’ increasingly active lifestyles may be the biggest factor, because dog ownership among older adults has remained stable over the past decade.

Dog walking may increase risks of bone fractures in older adults

“Old people need our dogs. We need our soulmates.”