Never leave your dog in parked vehicle during hot weather

A number of dog's are losing their life's just because they can't toleratehe heat that gets trapped in a parked vehicle during hot weathers. It has been considerably advised couple of times by police that never leave your dog in parked vehicle, though if it isn't that hot outside but parked car can trap heat even if windows are open. Recently, a suspect came out in which police saw a dog uncomfortable in direct sunlight inside the car parked, the owner's of dog went on shopping for more than hour. Police came and raised the alarm to let their owners get the dog out. Owner's said that we left the car under shade and it wasn't that hot though, but temperature still rises inside the car, if its 22c outisde, it can be 45c inside which can worse the condition of dog. Shade get's away after some time and hence direct sunlight causes car to heat up more. It is highly advised please never ever leave your dog in parked car during summers, it's better to let him stay at home instead of such situation.