Not everything is safe for dog's.

The essential oils that are diffused in air are quite in fashion for pleasant smelling homes and relaxeing the atmosphere. But have you ever thought about is it safe for your pet? We usually thinks that what is safe for us will be safe for animals too and that’s where we get wrong.

Dogs have the ability of senses about 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger then humans. So can it be possible that they won’t be able to smell the oils smell in the air or diffusers. These things might be good for humans but they acts as poison to your dog. Said by Dr.Michael Rickwald.

These diffusers and other essential oils when exposed to your dog can be toxic for them. We cant say them directly as toxic for your pets but there grade, purity level and how often are they used too depends upon product so be confirm before using them that are they dog friendly or not.

According to veterinary centres of America, oils with cinnamon, tea tree, peppermint, citrus and others can be poisonous to pets. If this thing is happening from quite a while in your house then do check for uncommon signs.

You might notice them more towards lethargic, might look like dunked and some other kinds of changes in behaviour. It could also cause problem in breathing or coughing. The worse of all if you are using a diffuser then stop it right there and take your pet to the veterinarian.

Rickwald says “according to me a count of people believes that if it’s safe for you then its safe for their pets too. It’s not the case I used to see commonly but people must take care of it.