Unpleasant summers for dogs

Where summers brings joy to kids during there holidays, it also gets an irritational environment for their beloved pets especially when they are covered with heavy fur. When temperature arises there must be certain precautions required by owner as dogs are unable to stable their body temperature like humans do.

Avoid excessive walk

During peak period of summers try not to take your pet out in day time, perhaps consider taking them out in early morning or late evening when it gets cooler outside.

never leave your dog in car

Even if temperature feels comfortable outside, don't leave your dog parked even under shade or leaving windows down will not make it any safer for them as it still can get heated quickly. Dog must be kept as cool as possible during journey along with adequate water supply must also be available for dog to drink during water breaks. Whenever you see any dog distressed in car parked somewhere, urgently take an action if you can get to their owner or call 999, the police will contact RSPCA if animal welfare assistance is required.

Pool benefits in summers

According to experts, a paddling pool is a joy for dogs during summer heat as when their body gets high in temperature, they love playing in pool water and splashing water as constantly decreasing their body heat.