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Customer Service: Baijnath Premnath is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction! You are buying from scale professionals. We are standing behind our scales 24/7. Very Easy Troubleshooting and Calibration by Baijnath Premnath Customer Support helpline
Very long battery backup upto 400 hours in one set of AA cells. The weighing platform measures 10x10 Centimeters
Ideal For Jewellwers. Used for weighing gold and silver ornaments. Can also be used for weighing costly medicines and chemicals also
Accuracy of 10 milligrams (100th part of a gram)
Long life durable and accurate scale with 6 months carry in Replacement Warranty

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Baijnath Premnath DM-3 500g x 0.01g (10mg) Digital Jewellery Weighing Scale, Gold & Silver ornaments Weight Measuring machine Weighing Scale

Very Easy Troubleshooting and Calibration with the help of effective Customer Support helpline.This 500 gm x 0.01 g Premium Jewellery Scale is the one-stop solution to all your high accuracy weighing troubles! Be it a grams of costly medicines or any jewelry of precious metal, all these products can easily be weighed in an efficient manner using this machine. It can also be used in laboratories for high accuracy weighing.