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₹500 ₹999

The scale is equipped with four high precision strain gauge and load cell sensors, ensuring accurate reading
Easy to read large display sized 3 cm x 7.5 cm which measures in pounds and kilograms
Features a thick 8mm tempered glass that is virtually unbreakable with normal use, super slim, at 4 centimeters. high, easily hide under the bed or slip it in the drawer
Minimum weight capacity of 7 kilograms and Maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds
Auto power off function and auto zero reading and 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase

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Digital Thick Glass Weighing Scale

<div class="aplus"><p>Maintaining your weight and tracking the efficacy of your fitness routine will become a lot easier if you have a Digital Thick Glass Weighing Scale in your home. You need not bother squinting at analog scales to calculate your weight as this digital scale gives you a precise readout on the 3cm by 7.5 cm display screen. You also have the option of measuring your weight in pounds or kilograms, depending on your preferences.</p> <h5>Stylish, Functional & Precise Weighing Scale</h5> <p>The glass scale is constructed with 8mm tempered glass that will bear your weight with zero risk of cracking or breaking. The glass is rust-proof and you can clean the scale by simply wiping it with a soft cloth. The scale stands 4 cm from the ground and can be stored under the bed, in the bathroom or, in a shelf without occupying a lot of space.</p> <p>Simply hop on and the device will start and automatically display your weight. The auto power off function prevents the battery from getting drained when the device is not in use. The auto zero-reading feature brings the scale back to zero, which can be very convenient when the device is being used by all the members of your family.</p> <p>The scale has a minimum capacity of 7 kgs and a maximum capacity of 136 kgs. This means that the scale can be used by all the members of your family to keep track of their weight without any hassles. Precision is maintained through four precision strain gauges and load sensors. The weight is calculated in a split second and displayed on the screen.</p></div>