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₹999 ₹2390

Stylish look - Slim and sleek which seamlessly fits into any decor
Display - Large LCD display makes it comfortable for all our users to view results on the device
Auto-step-on - Product comes with auto-step-on feature which means all you need to do is step on the scale and your readings will reflect on the LCD display
Power - CR2032, 3 volts lithium battery
Low battery/error/overload indicator
Auto off function - Once you step down the device will automatically turns off within a few seconds
18 months warranty from the date of purchase
Capacity : 150 kgs

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Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Digital EQ-EB-9300

<p>Equinox's weighing scales are the best tool to monitor and measure your weight. Equinox EQ-EB-9300 is a slim and sleek glass weighing scale which gives accurate measurement every time you take a reading. It is a very user friendly scale with auto-step-on technology to give quick results. The large LCD reflects the readings clearly and boldly and the maximum load this scale can carry is 150 kilograms.</p> <p><b>Please note :</b><br> <ul><li>Do not forget to place the weighing scale on a flat surface to measure accurate weight</li></ul> <ul><li>It is advised to check your weight everyday at the same time</li></ul> <ul><li> It is advised not to use the weighing scale right after workout or after any strenuous task</li></ul></p>