₹784 ₹1100

Color :- Brown
Material :- Leather With Brass Spikes
Package Content :- 1 Pc
Package Dimensions :- Collar Length :- 25 inch, Collar Width :- 2 inch,

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Ocean Wave Brass Spike Pu Collar For Medium & Large Size Dog - Brown

Leather-based spiked canine collars are supposed to protect the dog, so canine and other animals shall be unable to successfully bite the neck of the animal in the case that they are involved in a fight. The leather spikes will deter different animals from biting their neck. This way, not only are you able to give your dog a sense of high style with the leather collar, it's also possible to giving you the peace of mind that they're protected as well. Although this is an incredible possibility for defense, the owner ought to remember that bigger spikes isn't all the time a better choice.