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₹479 ₹499

Ideal for all Maxi & Large Breed Dogs
DURABLE - Chain is made from premium quality gunmetal, making it stronger and more durable than chrome-plated chains
WATER RESISTANT - Water-resistant chain will stand up to water-play and adverse weather conditions
WON'T TARNISH - Gunmetal material won't tarnish or irritate your dog's skin
Chain Size - 28 Inch Collar / 1.5 Cm Thick, Weight - 275 Gm

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Petlicious & More Chrome Plated Dog Choke Chain Training Collar -28 Inch/1.5 cm Thick

The purpose of a Slip dog collar (choke chain) is to apply pressure (negative reinforcement) or a correction (positive punishment) when a dog is "misbehaving". By popping the leash (as it is called in dog training terms) the slip collar will tighten around the dog's neck and will only release once the dog slows down, or the handler will release the pressure once the dog performs the requested exercise on the leash.