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This item is to provide comfort to wire-bottom cages. It is to keep their feet from acquiring sores or damage.
Healthier - The design of the gridding in this mat avoid your little pet contact their waste, easy cleaning will prevent your little one from feeling sick of foot.
Prevent Moving - Using the fixed tabs at the square hole on the mat, simply click the tabs to the cage wire directly.
Material - The mat is made of high quality PVC material without smell. Its a little soft that not easy to sprain pet's feet, it's also particularly comfortable for rabbit sleeping on it.
OCCASSIONS:with spliced design,it's widely used in pet cage,pet toilets,you can also just use it as nomal mats in kitchen,bathroom,living room,or other place you need mats

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Sage Square Comfortable Cage Floor Mat for Healthier Paw of Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Ferret/Dog/Cat/Kitten/Chinchilla (1 Piece)

Made of high quality PVC without smell,and its a little soft, not easy to sprain pet's feet,and it's particularly comfortable for rabbits sleeping on it. Removable grid floor design keeps messes away from pet and keep your baby pit's feet clean. Per piece comes with 2 buckles.Suitable for wire mesh,buckle fixed to the bottom of the cage wire to prevent moving. Suggested for: Sugar Gliders, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Prairie Dogs, Degus, Chinchillas, rats, ferrets, and other small animals.