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Portable water mouth, can be used on most of water bottles! Leak-proof nozzle!
Screw-on bracket-Simple and easy installation.
You can easily snap the water Bottle on or off for cleaning and refilling water.
Nozzle Diameter: 16mm. Water capacity: 500ml
Recommended Almost all pet, for Rabbit, Cat, Dog et.

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SRI No-Drip Pet Cat Dog Drinking Water Bottle for Cage&Kennel-500ml (Green)

Very useful pet drinking water bottle, made of PP plastic.Automatically feed clean water.Key points to stop leaking: 1. Hold water in the bottle as more as possible, fill with water is better; 2. If the bottle spout leaks, roll the steel ball lightly with your finger to release the air in the nozzle, then it will stop leaking.How to prevent leaking 1.Wash the bottle with clean water repeatedly before the first time use 2.Fill the bottle with drinking water and tighten the bottle cap, hold the bottle upside down, then press the bottle body to let out the air inside the bottle. 3.Hold the bottle upside down and plug up the nozzle, shake the bottle up and down several times to release the air in the nozzle 4.Flick the steel ball for a few times, it will stop leaking after drop a few drops 5.Hang the bottle on cage, it may drop a few drops until the pressure inside and outside the bottle is balanced.Bottle Body: plastic; Top and bottom: plastic; Ball-point tube: stainless steel.Package 1 x Pet Water Bottle