₹1710 ₹1800

Extra safety on long and short journeys due to its lockable snap clips
Includes handle for pulling the carrier
It can be opened at the top and front
Ventilation slits provide a good air circulation
Suitable for cats and small dogs

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Trixie Capri Pet Carrier, Dark Grey (19x13x12-inch)

This hard shell pet carrier by Trixie will keep your pet safe while being transported. Comes with a handle on top and a slit for car seat belts which makes the transport more secure. The carrier is dark enough to offer the comforts of a cave like surrounding and the air holes all around provide optimal air circulation. Perfect for cats, dogs, rabbits and other small animals. Ideal for travelling by train, car, ship or plane. Capri 2 and amp 3 features a storage tray and a stroking flap on top. The stroking flap allows to pet your animal without opening the main door.