Purepet 100% Vegeterian Biscuit, Dog- Treats- Jar, 1kg

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 DROOLS PurePet Biscuit 1 kg 100% Vegetarian is a top quality dog biscuit having delicious and natural ingredients for supporting your dog’s overall health and well being. The diet is rich in high protein for encouraging good muscle growth and strength in canines. The constituents present in the food are easy to digest for supporting maximum nutrient absorption. All the important vitamins and minerals have been carefully added for keeping the bones and teeth in strong condition and to build good resistance against infections. DROOLS PurePet Biscuit Vegetarian promotes a healthy gum and eliminates dental problems like Tartar and plaque build-up. The biscuits can also be given as a treat for truly rewarding your dog.

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  • Fitting dog biscuit for all breeds.
  • Rich protein content for building good muscle mass.
  • Crunchy texture for promoting good chewing.
  • Eliminates dental problems like Tartar and Plaque buildup.
  • Supports greater nutrient absorption.
  • Keeps a strong immune system.