About Bhola Shola

How many times have we heard pets transforming human lives? The saga continues as transformed individuals continue seeking revival, reformation in society.

Our journey wasn’t any different. I experienced reality in bitter taste. Losing a new born puppy and not knowing whom to blame or hold responsible, I took upon myself to do something. What began as a quest to gain information turned into a mission with widespread inaccuracies plaguing the system. I realized the purpose of my life during one of such situations.

We consider Bhola Shola a movement. We’re committed to set-up a social wing for dogs at some point in future. Our corporate philosophy is driven by such values.

The journey of Bhola Shola has been an exciting adventure with every dog helped or saved rewards us in strength.

We’ve taken a step ahead with the introduction of franchise model. We expect to develop a network to carry the vision forward. The objective is to spread awareness, educate and develop culture.

You can shop for dog related products, feed, accessories and other products at our site. Bhola Shola strives to help dogs achieve better living standards in society and at home. We're always eager to hear suggestions to help us improve and bring a change in society.