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Civic Body in Telangana Allegedly Slaughtered 70 D...

A shocking case of animal cruelty surfaced on Twitter on Sunday after a video captured a group of workers mercilessly throwing corpses of 40 dogs in a dump yard in Telangana's Siddipet. The video, shot by Vidya from Siddipet, shows 40 dead dogs, which the workers claim were slaughtered after receiving an order from the Siddipet Municipality authorities to curb dog menace. “Of the 40 dogs dead, I regularly used to feed three dogs which belonged to our area. On Saturday morning, I couldn’t find any of the animals in the locality and that’s when one of the residents here told me that they saw workers picking dogs from around the area. I spotted the truck that was carrying the dead animals. They told me that the permission was given by the civic body. Is this how the authorities enforce birth control among animals? They didn’t even spare the little ones which were just a few months old,” The News Minute quoted Vidya as saying. Vidya, a member of the Compassionate Society for Animals (CSA) and an animal rights activist, said none of the workers deployed for the job belonged to the municipality. The carcasses of the dogs were recovered and taken for postmortem, ANI reported. According to the report, the team found another 30 corpses, which were dumped in the yard on Sunday morning. Last Wednesday, civic authorities in Vikarabad were pulled up after 30 dogs were found slaughtered and their corpses thrown in a government dump yard. The Siddipet police have registered FIR under Section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Section 429 (killing animals by mischief) of the Indian Penal Code.

Amazing Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn't Know

Do you think you know everything there is to know about canines? Think again! Check out these interesting facts you may have never heard:
1. Dogs have a sense of time. It's been proven that they know the difference between a hour and five. If conditioned to, they can predict future events, such as regular walk times.
2. Your dog is as smart as a two-year old! Ever wonder why children around this age seem to have a special bond with the family dog? It could be because they speak the same language, roughly 250 words and gestures in fact.
3. A study at UCSD claims that your dog can genuinely get jealous when they see you display affection for another creature.
4. The United States has the highest pet dog population in the world. Approximately 75.8 million in fact.
5. Seeing eye dogs are trained to do their “business” on command. This way their owner can clean it up a bit easier. Some of the popular commands are “get busy” and “go time”.
6. Man’s best friend? Petting a dog and gazing into their eyes releases oxytocin (i.e the “love hormone”) not only for you, but for them as well.
7. The Saluki is the world’s oldest dog breed. They appear in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 2100 B.C.
8. Dachshunds were originally bred to fight badgers.
9. Dogs that have been spayed or neutered live longer than dogs who are intact.
10. More than half of all U.S presidents have owned dogs.

Dog owner reunited with pet Labrador Buster NINE Y...

Dog owner Rob Smith has told of his joy after being reunited with pet Labrador Buster nine years after it vanished as a pup.

The 39-year-old feared he would never see the animal again when he disappeared in 2010. But he got a phone call on Saturday morning from a vet 10 miles from his home telling him he had been found and identified through tagging. Buster was only a few months old when he disappeared from Rob’s mum’s garden in Llanelli, south Wales, in 2010.  “I believe he was stolen. We searched for him for weeks. I think I had half of Llanelli looking for him,” said Rob. Buster was found wandering the streets by a member of the public who took him to a nearby vet. Delighted Rob said: “I raced around to the vet’s after work. I just burst into tears. It was the biggest shock of my life. “It was very emotional seeing him again. He seemed pleased to see me. "He just rolled straight over. I can’t believe he’s back. "Nine years down the road and you get your best friend back. What are the odds? I guess we’ll never know where he’s been. I believe he was stolen.” Rob, of Llanelli, South Wales, got another black Labrador, Bruno, after Buster disappeared. He said: “They are already best mates.” Rob also met partner Samantha, 33, through the hunt for his missing pet. They now have two daughters, Ella-Louise, seven, and Mia-Grace, 16 months. Rob said: “I would never have had any of that if it hadn’t been for losing Buster.” Rob wants it to be made compulsory that every animal newly-registered with a vet should be scanned and the owner’s details checked to see if they match the details on its microchip. Meanwhile, distraught dog owners have contacted police after their pets went missing while under the watch of a professional dogsitter. Louise Lawford is reported to have told the owners that their pooches ran off on Sunday after being spooked by a gunshot. But the owners have contacted West Midlands Police about the disappearances. The dogs are still being considered as 'lost' by the police force. According to a 'missing' poster for the pooches, their microchips have had a 'stolen' alert placed on their records.