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Dog-walking may be hazardous to seniors’ health

Dogs need to go on walks, and walking is good exercise for older adults. Seniors who combine the two - by walking a dog - are healthier than people who don't, according to some research. But a new study by University of Pennsylvania researchers offers a cautionary note. Strolling with a leashed dog, it says, "imparts a significant and rising injury risk in older adults." Some seniors may be underestimating the physical risks involved in walking a dog every day.It is also said that some seniors might not be as prepared to handle a pet as they should be but Some of them are really well-trained. The research shows,Injuries resulting from dog-walking account for fewer than 1 percent of fractures among older adults.The researchers say seniors’ increasingly active lifestyles may be the biggest factor, because dog ownership among older adults has remained stable over the past decade.

5 Reasons Why Keeping Dog a Pet is Good for Dog and Owner

1. Dogs offer invisible shield against threatening health issues. There are several other aspects than offering companionship or sharing mental or emotional burden. The noticeable contribution to our health is: Lower blood pressure, decreased cholesterol and better cardiovascular health. Studies have proved that dog owners have lesser chances of heart attack, make quicker recovery and higher survival percentage.

2. Walk yourself every morning. Now either you can do it alone or accompany someone. The human partner is subject to several situations. What about a dog? A dog would not fall ill to excuses, slept late excuses’, work pressure excuses’. Studies have shown that dog owners are likely to achieve the required amount of exercise week in, week out. The good part is that it would help you to stay active and fit in old age too.


3. No other family member could help to reduce stress like a dog. Talk about the demons of blood pressure and anxiety and dog is our saviour. People assigned with high stress level tasks handle pressure a lot better with dogs sitting around to those who don’t have dogs or other pets around. Married couples have found dogs to be a healing force during tough times.


4. Old people have a strong case to keep dogs as pets. Old age dog owners are considered to have a healthier lifestyle. They make fewer visits to medical facilities to fellow citizens without dogs. Keeping pets such as birds, cats are considered beneficial however dogs have an advantage over them.


5. Dogs help old age people to have a realistic purpose, objective in life. Dogs reduce the signs of loneliness, isolation in old age. They help us to stay busy and organize things. We often see how old age causes loss of meaning in life. Dog is the right companion to say the least.

FDA Indicates Dog Heart Disease is Related to Certain Types of Food

“What you eat, you become”. The message has echoed louder to positivity inherited in statement. Dogs seem to have developed heart disease after consuming certain types of food for a longer period. FDA has informed about the growing tendency in breeds not considered or categorized susceptible to such conditions earlier.
The Food and Drug Administration has found ‘Grain-free’ food based on potatoes and peas causing the damage.
Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy was previously found in certain breeds however it’s been reported in other breeds too. This is an alarming situation. 
FDA is studying the results further and requested pet owners to keep a close eye on situation. The focus is upon breeds not vulnerable to such health conditions historically. The usual symptoms are laziness, loss of weight and occasional cough.
The only positive to come out from news is dog breeds falling outside the usual list can improve depending changes in diet and timely treatment offered.
Pet owners need to have information about dog breeds in list: Great Danes, Boxers, Newfoundland, Doberman pinchers and St. Bernard. The new cases have included a few more breeds to the existing list: Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Whippets, Shih Tzu, Bulldog, mini Schnauzer and mixed breed.
FDA has urged veterinarians and pet owners to pay more attention, report such issues at an early stage.