Under new pet’s travel policy a count of dogs and cat breeds are prohibited in cargo by United Airline

Recently, in the march after indulging from the death of a dog on United Airlines flight they have banned the travelling of dangerous breed dog in their airline.



As per the passenger who was carrying a french pitbull dog, was asked by a flight attendent that she needs to keep the dog in overhead bin with carry-on luggage. But at the end of 3 to 4 hourse of flight, they found the dog dead in the traveling bag. The air company executed a statement at that moment as "A Tragic dog incident that must never be happened as dog's are not to be kept in overhead cabin.".

Banned breeds


Dog owners of dangerous breed dogs like Pitbull, American Staffordshire, Mastiffs and other dangerous breeds will have to find an alternate way to transport their dog. Even any mix breed of such kind will not be allowed to get on-board.

Downgrading Airline

United Airlines, which was ranked as one of the toppest airline for a decade has it's dog loving passenger's shouting on them for creating such a policy. United airline's is the only U.S. air transport that executed "Dangerous dog breed policy".