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1 Auto-cleaning pet hair brush
Quickly grooms cat, dogs, small animals and bears - wet or dry
Simple auto-clean feature - just push button to release hair
Gentle round-tip bristles work wonders for pets with sensitive skin
Comfortable curved handle grip in case your dog wants to be groomed for hours

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SRI Dog Plastic Slicker Brush with Press Key

The soft pins on this brush make grooming easier for your little buddy. Ideal for detangling and removing undercoat the soft pins are gentle on delicate skin. Dog and cat grooming brush with self cleaning push button. Handy pet brush comb, clean outer coat, remove shedding undercoat and dander push button and retractable brush plate allows easy removal of shed hair good for both dogs and cats, makes pets happy and healthier works on any type of hair, short, long, curly, etc.